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Our gentle robots clean the world 
One piece of trash at a time

Removing marine debris with robots.

Technology in the early 21st century
Garbage issues in the early 21st century


  Five years ago, I moved to a small town by the sea. I had never lived near the ocean before, but I had always longed for it, especially imagining how refreshing it would be to wake up early in the morning and run on the beach.   However, when I actually went to the beach in the morning, I found that it was not always ideal for running, especially after bad weather, as trash would often be scattered all over.   That's when I started beach cleaning, but I soon grew exhausted from the seemingly endless task. This led me to the idea of using robots, which are adept at repetitive tasks, to clean the beaches.   There are already some machines designed for beach cleaning. However, these tend to be large and heavy machinery, not suitable for use on every type of shoreline.   In particular, using heavy machinery on beaches inhabited by wildlife could harm the animals and even destroy their habitats. Moreover, there are many beaches around the world where not even humans can go to clean, let alone heavy machinery. To clean these shores, we need smart, comparatively small robots.

We received second place in a hardware-focused pitch contest organized by Monozukuri Ventures, held at Kyoto Research Park.

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We have been selected for the 'CleanTech Singapore Mission,' a program aimed at overseas expansion by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). Singapore, an economic and geographical hub of Asia and a tech-savvy nation committed to addressing environmental issues with public-private partnerships targeting 2030, will be visited by ten Japanese startups."


Selected for NEP Program by NEDO

We have been selected for the NEP program by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)! For the Proof of Concept (PoC), we will proceed with the development of robots capable of enduring pilot tests and conduct market research.



We Are in 'Make' Magazine!

Seaside Robotics has been featured in 'Make,' a magazine read by every maker!

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The headline "We Will Exhibit at Maker Faire Tokyo!

We will exhibit at Maker Faire Tokyo, held on September 3rd and 4th, 2022

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Our demo day for the 'IoT Maker's Project' in Kitakyushu City was featured in ASCII Start-up.

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Selected for IoT Maker’s Project 2021 by Kitakyusyu City 

We have been selected for the IoT Maker's Project hosted by Kitakyushu City.

Who We Are


Master of Engineering (Kyoto Institute of Technology),
Chief Hardware Engineer @OUI Inc.,
former Technical Consultant @TechShop Japan,
former Fab Manager @FabLab Setagaya 


Koichiro Nishimura /
Mechatronics Engineer 

Master of Engineering (University of Electro-Communications),
Independent Mechatronics Engineer,
former Engineer @IHI Corporation

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